Our Story

Lucerne Investment Partners was founded by a group who wanted to create a business better aligned to the interests of investors, rather than one based on earning commissions on trades regardless of investment results.

We invest for results, not commissions, and our team actively co-invests in Lucerne’s dedicated funds.

Members of our team have been working together for over six years, and our shared values drive a united approach across the group that is based on trust, thoroughness and initiative.

We believe active investment management can outperform passive approaches over the long term, and we have a number of investment vehicles open to retail and wholesale investors.

The Lucerne Alternative Investments Fund is a “fund of funds” designed to deliver consistent returns regardless of market conditions. We methodically assess and select the strongest funds, many of them not available directly to retail investors.

Our name originates
from the lucerne crop.

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When the army of the Mongol Empire undertook one of the world’s great military expeditions – a 9,000-kilometre cavalry raid across Eurasia – it was the lucerne crop which sustained its soldiers.

In what is considered one of the most compelling strategic advantages in the history of warfare, the Mongolian cavalry perfected the “feigned retreat” during
the battle. The seemingly panicked and defeated cavalry would retreat, sometimes for days or weeks, only to charge back once the enemy had tired and let their guard down.

A tough perennial, lucerne provides multiple harvests per year, even in conditions of drought.

Like the crop from which we derive our name, Lucerne Investment Partners aims to harvest consistent returns, year in year out, no matter what the wider conditions may be.