Our Group

Lucerne Investment Partners is guided by our core focus: to secure and build investor wealth, providing positive investment experiences.

We specialise in providing private wealth advice, funds management and corporate advisory services.

Backed by a proven track record of results, the dynamic and focused team takes a considered and methodical approach to investment. We keep capital preservation top of mind and our investors enjoy consistent returns regardless of market conditions.

The leadership team co-invests, placing their personal wealth on the line and aligning their interests with those of investors.

We pride ourselves on building lasting relationships, having worked with a range of investors for over 10 years. We work closely with specialist partners to provide quality investment advice and management that is personalised to each individual.

Lucerne is a leading investment group located in Melbourne’s CBD.

“Everything we do is underpinned by integrity and putting our investors first. We’re not afraid to walk the walk – along with others at Lucerne, I co-invest. The team succeeds when investors succeed.”

Anthony Murphy | CEO