Lucerne’s Head of Private Wealth shares expertise on Your Money



Head of Private Wealth, Andrew Thompson, appeared on television station Your Money recently to share his insights on investment strategies.

In a wide-ranging interview on one of Your Money’s flagship programs Ticky, Andrew highlighted that despite significant growth in global share markets in recent years, capital preservation remains top of mind at Lucerne.

“The thing we try to highlight to our clients is that when the market falls, as we saw in February/March last year and then obviously in the December quarter, we try to protect the capital,” he said.

“If you have good companies in your long only portfolio, particularly in the ASX 200 then you tend to be able to protect some of the wealth based on the companies that you invest in.

“Then if you’ve got some exposure to alternatives long/short, the long/shorts should outperform in that part of the market.

“If you go back to March last year, the market was down 3.7% and Lucerne Growth was down 0.38%, so it just gives you a bit of a higher base to bounce off from.”

Andrew also reflected on his ten-year AFL career with St Kilda and discussed the genesis of Lucerne Investment Partners.

Watch the full interview with Ticky Fullerton above.