Lucerne to soft-close high-performing Liquid Strategy

Following both strong investor demand and organic growth, Lucerne Investment Partners is taking the decision to soft-close the Liquid Strategy Share Class (“LSS”) to preserve performance for investors.

Opened 1 January 2019 and linked to a sub-strategy within the Composite Fund, the Liquid Strategy is designed to perform in all conditions, with a particular focus on falling markets.

In its first eight months from launch, the LSS Class delivered +46.07% with Sharpe and Sortino ratios of 3.36 and 6.74 respectively. Importantly, correlation to the ASX 200 has been low, at just 0.04. Lucerne Investment Partners expects over time this correlation will remain low, or even negative, should we enter a sustained bear market.

The LSS Class is only available to investors holding Ordinary and/or Preferred Shares in the Composite Fund and, as with all high-performing strategies, the capacity is limited.

Effective immediately, the capacity is now reduced to $1 for every $5 held in the Ordinary and/or Preferred classes.

Head of Funds Management, Aaryn Nania, says the consistent performance of the strategy is evidence of its ability to deliver positive returns in all market cycles.

“We are pleased with the performance of the strategy, particularly given a generally buoyant equity market,” he said.

“The Liquid Strategy is designed to perform well during a sustained bear market. We had a taste of this in August and welcome any future equity market weakness.”

The latest fact sheet can be found here.

If you have any questions or would like further information on the Liquid Strategy or the Lucerne Composite Fund, please email Aaryn Nania at or call +61 3 8560 1458